Have you ever got back home from work and felt like soaking in a hot tub? To wash off the dirt and sweat on your skin and relax? It’s a nice dream. Unfortunately, there are a handful of people who can afford to install a permanent tub in their home.

Luckily, there is a solution.

Inflatable spas, also known as inflatable hot tubs, are a more affordable alternative. Even better, they are space-friendly, and thus, suitable for virtually every home. So, if you want the luxury of a hot tub for a lesser amount of money and the flexibility of being able to occupy space for a temporary period, inflatable hot spas are your best bet.

That being said, there are numerous types of this equipment out there with differing qualities. And without a good knowledge of what to look for, you could easily purchase one of subpar quality.

How to Choose an Inflatable Spa

We aim to change that in this article.


We will discuss the factors you should look out for when shopping for an inflatable spa. With this information at your fingertips, you’ll be able to identify the best tub for your home.

Let’s get started!

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Inflatable Spa

The following are the elements you should look into when shopping for an inflatable hot tub. If you find one that checks all the boxes, you can rest assured it is worth spending money on.


One of the reasons why you’re purchasing an inflatable tub in the first place is to save money. Otherwise, you might as well have a permanent hot tub installed in your home.

So, the first thing you should consider when looking to buy this item is its cost. If an inflatable hot tub’s cost approaches that of a permanent hot tub, you might as well install the permanent one. Unless you have other considerations – apart from price – for wanting an inflatable spa.

In general, you can expect to get an inflatable spa for a price around $400, a portable hot tub for around $2,000, an acrylic tub for between $5,000 and $10,000 and an in-built concrete tub for over $10,000.

Note that these prices are not fixed. They’re simply a guide on the average prices of these items.


Is the spa meant for you alone? Or do you have family members who you’ll want to soak with sometimes?

Inflatable hot tubs come in different sizes. Most of them come in 2, -4, and -6 person sizes. Typically, the more spacious cost more than the less spacious versions. So, consider how many people will be using the equipment together and use base your search for an inflatable spa on that.

You wouldn’t want to buy a 2-person inflatable hot tub only to get crowded on the weekends by your four kids. You will almost certainly ruin the tub that way.

By the way, inflatable hot tubs are usually cozy. If you a 4-person hot tub, chances are there won’t be much space between you and the next person if all four seats are occupied at the same time. If this is not for you, and you prefer some distance between occupants, you would do well to buy the next size up of your expected number of occupants. That is to say, buy the 6-person tub if there are going to be 4 occupants.


One factor that should carry much weight when you’re shopping for an inflatable spa is reviews. If nothing else, they allow you to avoid making a grave mistake. Check for what people are saying about the size – whether or not it’s as advertised – the durability, and the comfortability, among others.

Needless to say, you should avoid an inflatable spa with majority bad reviews. It almost certainly spells trouble.


Inflatable hot tubs come in different shapes. However, two shapes are more popular than the rest.

Round-shaped inflatable spas

Inflatable spas with this shape take up a lot of space. Unless you have a lot of space to spare, you will do well to avoid this type of spa.

Regardless, they’re more comfortable and fun to use than the square-shaped spa. So, if you have a lot of space, they’re definitely worth buying.

Square-shaped inflatable spas

Square-shaped inflatable spas are perfect for homes that do not have much space. This kind of inflatable hot tub can easily fit in a corner. What’s more? You can even use it indoor, if you wish.

Jet Type

Some inflatable hot tubs come with jets, while some do not. If you want the best experience this spa type can provide, endeavor to buy one with a jet. While the air jets they come with are nowhere near the massage jets of the regular hot tub, they provide good enough experience.

By the way, we recommend an inflatable spa with hydro jets. They’re the best jet type available for inflatable spas and will help you have the ultimate experience when using it.


Design encompasses several things. It includes the tub’s color, the pattern on its covering, and the location of its control panel and electronic parts. The location of its control panel is especially important as you would want to be able to reach out easily from inside the tub and fiddle with the equipment’s controls.

So, put this factor into consideration as well.

A hot tub can make a lot of difference in your health, both mentally and physically. With the factors laid out in this article, you will be able to choose a top-quality inflatable spa that will last for a long time while, at the same time, providing you with optimum service.