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June 27, 2016


Camp 2016




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KAMP HOPE, a program targeting children and families impacted by a parent’s cancer diagnosis provides year-round activities, including a free, two-week day camp experience to program participants. Children and their families meet with other children whose life experiences mirror their own. Via pumpkin-picking trips, excursions to an aquarium or bowling alley and attendance at theatrical performance, KAMP HOPE kids have connected to one another. Parents also get to know and bond with one another having a platform to discuss their cancer journey with others taking that same journey.

These brief respites from the family dynamic offer a welcome structure as well as a way to E-N-J-O-Y themselves in a way that is otherwise unavailable and financially unaffordable.

Believe, Dream and Hope

Battling Cancer takes a toll on the body, but the emotional price tag can be greater than the physical one and cancer patients with young children have even greater challenges to face. With frequent separation, changes in their parent’s physical appearance and diminished energy levels due to the unwelcome side-effects of chemotherapy and other treatments, cancer robs a child of the chance to “just be a kid.” KAMP HOPE was founded upon the premise that by dreaming, believing and hoping, tomorrow should and can be better for both child and parent. It is a loving environment that recognizes and understands the needs of families and their children, the invisible victims of a parent’s cancer diagnosis.

Camp Experience

Located on the 450-acre Henry Kaufmann campgrounds, KAMP HOPE kids enjoy instructional swim and specialty programs like music, archery, dance, rope courses, arts & crafts, tennis, pioneering and golf. Campers also will have ample opportunity to bond with their counselors and unit heads. A social worker or grief counselor enhances the experience, offering a supportive atmosphere that recognizes each child’s unique and sensitive needs; that is familiar with each child’s special circumstances.

Two consecutive-week camping sessions are available the 2nd through the 7th week of camp. Please note that additional Camp Applications are required for the KAMP HOPE day camp experience.